Past Projects













Interior Updating



This home was a quick restoration we completed for clients in the Green Meadows area. The home was in great shape but needed updating before the clients moved in. After coordinating with the clients on the closing date, we replaced the carpet with laminate to match the existing floors and found a way to cover a textured wall with shiplap, giving the home a new updated look. We completed this restoration within 5 days of their closing date, allowing the clients to move in to their home before their lease was up!

Curb Appeal

While working with Beacon Street Properties, I had the opportunity to work on different projects every week. Ranging from new floors, to retaining walls, to complete home remodels. This project was one of the most rewarding projects I completed while working with their team. We gave this home a makeover by removing the chimney, replacing the roof, new updated porch columns, re-built retaining walls, painting the brick and garage doors, and adding new shutters.


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